Diana LP 8 Magnum

The DIANA LP8 Magnum – an absolute highlight!
It offers everything one would expect from a high-performance air pistol: High performance with 175 m/s, as well as an integrated rail for the mounting of a scope or a red dot. Furthermore, the LP8 features an automatic safety device that can be used by both right- and left-handers.

Technical specifications

Model Diana LP 8 Magnum
System Break Barrel
Barrel Rifled Barrel
Caliber 4,5 mm pellet
Magazine Capacity single shot
Weight 1.500 g
Length 450 mm
Barrel Length 180 mm • 7"
Max. Velocity* 175 m/s • 575 fps
Max. Energy* 7.5 Joule • 5.5 ft.lbs
*Measured maximum speed with lead pellet. Varies with legal requirements. -