We promised 125 years ago: Our customers shall be satisfied!

You can rely on us: We only offer air rifles and air pistols that we fully stand behind.


Developing the extraordinary       

The extensive DIANA product range exemplifies trend-setting technology and quality. Since 1890, every single air rifle and air pistol has met the highest demands on the global market. We use the latest CAD technology, which in fact is very appreciated by weapons specialists.

That's what the founding fathers wanted

Jakob Mayer and Josef Grammelspacher put their ideas into practice and established a company of international reputation. Air rifles and air pistols from Rastatt have an excellent standing: Anyone owning a DIANA model will appreciate the company’s expertise, which has been passed on over generations. Today, Michael Swoboda continues to run the company in the spirit of its founders, so that you get what you wish for: a true DIANA – down to the minutest detail.